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Dancing With Class™ is the youth outreach division of May I Have This Dance™, and is a leading provider of in-school and after-school dance programs. Through our innovative social and multi-cultural dance curriculum, we bring the Art & Etiquette of Dance into the lives of young people. Watch this VIDEO to see us in action!

Dancing_w_Class Scientific evidence to support multi-disciplined approach to arts education because dance and music develop... https://t.co/BwoBQfblSP
Dancing_w_Class "Social dance is an expression that emerges from a community" Pass it on! https://t.co/oFvmo85Krm
Dancing_w_Class Shout out (and giant THANK YOU) to our latest wave of online supporters: Herb Roman (director) Susan Grupp... https://t.co/jbwTviAUtP
Dancing_w_Class Thanks to everyone who supported the DwC All-Stars Annual Fundraising Campaign and Boogie Walk. What a beautiful... https://t.co/rSgKBOthHg
Dancing_w_Class I posted 78 photos on Facebook in the album "Boogie Walk 2016" https://t.co/d0hxTXXGIi
Dancing_w_Class So ready for the Boogie Walk! The sun is shining and it's time to dance! https://t.co/HxVrD8APIA
Dancing_w_Class We are getting ready for the Boogie Walk. It's free, fun, and fantastic for families. Let's jam together! https://t.co/3xsInJLLyW
Dancing_w_Class Happy 100th St. Nicholas Tolentine! https://t.co/zKcJF720QO
Dancing_w_Class So excited for the Boogie Walk this Saturday! We are going to have such a fun time. Here's the info on how to... https://t.co/7ha321dvLI
Dancing_w_Class We love when proud parents share videos like these! #dancingfamilies #danceunites https://t.co/iiUcluQw2X