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dancers 10About Us

Dancing with Class™ has designed an engaging youth dance curriculum specifically geared toward the learning styles of children and young adults. Our large and diverse staff of professional teaching artists has been trained to use our specific curriculum to deliver excellent quality programming. Our teaching methodology focuses on making dance accessible and relevant to all.

Dancing with Class Pedagogy is guided by two key principles:

1. Success on Day One: Dancing with Class curriculum is designed to expose students to a variety of dance styles through a logical, step-by-step process that is challenging but not overwhelming. We strive for every student to achieve success on Day One.

2. Spark Imagination: DwC classes are designed to take students on a journey. Story-telling and vivid imagery is used to capture the imagination and foster individual creativity.

Dancing_w_Class DwC cant wait to get dancing with our ASM teens this summer! with Denita Inez and Joselyn Byz! https://t.co/cJUgbmjxqM
Dancing_w_Class Congrats to the class of 2017! https://t.co/nPlGI2zlCs
Dancing_w_Class Some thoughts from our Fall 2017 Dancers! https://t.co/rhUQwyNUGe
Dancing_w_Class # I Dance To Achieve! Thoughts from some of our fabulous Teaching Artists. https://t.co/yGTWfrfhXo
Dancing_w_Class Bravo! 5th graders from Catalyst Circle Rock performed to live music played by their peers in the school's... https://t.co/qhWewNK9k6