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dancers 06Our Mission

The mission of Dancing with Class™ is to energize schools and communities by fostering inclusion, respect and social awareness through the joy of dance.

Our Vision

We envision a world where respecting others is second nature for all and expressing joy through movement is a natural part of life. We aspire to deliver programs and services that make dance accessible and a standard part of Social Emotional Learning curriculum for K-12 schools.

Our Core Values

Respect: We embrace the value of respect as something that happens on three levels: respect for self, others, and the world. Self-respect is at the core of becoming a confident and positive person. Respect for others follows as we come to view respect as a gift to both give and receive. Respect for the world manifests when we realize our role as Global Citizens, with the opportunity to work for positive social change. These three levels of respect are intentionally infused into how, what and why we teach.

Inclusion: We strive for inclusiveness in every aspect of our organization. This starts with working to develop staff who reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and including those varied perspectives in the development of our programs. Staff is trained to be knowledgeable and sensitive to issues of equity and inclusion and responsive to the needs of diverse learners in all kinds of educational settings.

Joy: We aspire to create joy in the world by cultivating safe spaces for students to form human connections and engage in a process of self-discovery through movement. We believe that by allowing positivity to permeate how we interact as an organization, we can be catalysts for joy in the schools and communities we serve.


Dancing_w_Class DwC cant wait to get dancing with our ASM teens this summer! with Denita Inez and Joselyn Byz! https://t.co/cJUgbmjxqM
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