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Here is what people are saying about Dancing with Class™ programs:



"Over the years, I have seen many programs offered through CPS, but I must admit Dancing with Class™ has to be the one that has left the biggest impression on the students thus far. I had the opportunity to witness the transformation of 20 students during the 10 week period and I must say it was well worth it. At first I was a little hesitant about how the students would take to it, but they quickly helped change my mind. When I entered the school this morning, students were sporting their ribbons from last night's competition. They are already preparing for next year's program!"

- Angela McKinney, Teacher at Kershaw Elementary

"This was the greatest success I have seen from any programming (at my school) and I thank you for your great work. Also, I wanted to send a sincere thanks for allowing Alexis, my student confined to a wheelchair, to participate. I cannot explain how much it meant to her and her family to be able to take part in this program."

- Chad Wendt, YMCA Community Schools Initiative, Site Coordinator at Christopher Elementary

"The three autistic boys did a really good job in the dance class. One boy's mom told me that he came home and showed her how to turn. For a boy who never talks about his day at school, this is a huge step!"

- Tiffani Thomforde, Music Teacher at Farnsworth Elementary

"At Chase Elementary, this program has helped to create a sense of unity. Our parent group has rallied around this program and enthusiastically helped with costumes and other aspects, and our administration actively supports the program."

- Elizabeth Lesinski, Community School Manager, Children's Home + Aid

"The Dance Around the World Program was great for my students. This program taught my students discipline and about different cultures. The excitement my students showed on the days for this class was unbelievable."

- Chris Alexander, Family Focus-21st Century Program Coordinator at Melody Elementary

"I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of you and what you did these last few days with the kids. I have been in the profession long enough to know that people who are good teachers connect with their students one way or another. This is what you did. The kids learned so much and they loved you!"

- Dalyn Drown, PE Teacher, Morgan Park Academy High School

"What a wonderful program you have! My son was thrilled to be part of it. I know in today's world that we're all in a hurry and sometimes we don't take the time we should to say 'Thank You', so I wanted to send you this note. I watched my son's self-esteem rise last night...and that...was worth everything!"

- Mother of Dancing with Class™ Core Program Participant

"I just wanted to say that after 4 years of doing dancing with the kids, I am glad we did your program. I thought it was outstanding and all the kids were happy. This was by far the best culminating activity yet. Thank you so much and congratulations on the success of the program."

- John Polubinski, CPS Physical Education Teacher

"Your program is fantastic. Thank you for making the competition such a special event. It is unlike anything the kids have experienced."

- Sandria Morten, Principal, St. Matthias Transfiguration School

"Thanks for a wonderful evening of dance and excitement. I'm so happy to have found your organization. It has truly become one of our best achievements in terms of Fine Arts and also excitement for our students."

- Sharon Morgan, Catalyst Charter School - Circle Rock Campus

"It was an excellent program. I wanted to let you know that afterwards, an audience member told me that it was the best program she ever saw in Town Square. We've had over 200 programs in Town Square."

- Allison Bies, Schaumburg Township District Library

"The Dancing with Class™ teachers were cooperative and professional. In preparation for our showcase, they went above and beyond the call of duty."

- Ronald Wells, Children's Home + Aid Community School Manager

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in making this program such a success. It has been a great joy for our students and me personally to be involved. All of our students wanted to give you a big hug and thank you from them."

- Classroom teacher involved with Dancing with Class™ Core Program

"The presentation was awesome! The students were eager to share their enthusiasm about the performance, and the teachers were excited to be part of that, as well as enjoying the performance themselves."

- School Administrator after a visit from "Swing Time" assembly show

"I had calls last night from parents saying that they have spent a ton of money on dance classes and their child could never show them anything. But in just one class (with Dancing with Class™ teaching artist), their child could show almost everything they learned!"

- Resource Coordinator for After-School Hip-Hop Class

"I was at several parties, sports events and school related functions this weekend and I wanted to pass along some of the comments that I received regarding the dance class. Every parent that approached me was extremely positive and thrilled with the class thus far. A few were hoping that we could keep it going all year long."

- PTO organizer for Middle School Fortnightly Program

"I love my dance teacher because she is the best dancer in the whole wide world."

- 3rd grade after-school program participant

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