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dancers 16Dancing with Class™ Programs

Dancing with Class™ programs are designed to educate, inspire and transform. Our programs are based on classroom-tested curriculum and enhanced by educational materials and assessment tools.The DwC curriculum aligns with Common Core Standards in the areas of language arts and social science, as well as addressing key physical education, fine arts and Social Emotional Learning goals. Options to integrate DwC curriculum with STEM or IB/social studies programs are also available.

Program Benefits & Outcomes:

LIFE SKILLS: Students develop social skills as well as dance, movement and improved listening skills.

CULTURAL SENSITIVITY: Students study the origin & cultural significance of dance forms from around the world.

CONFIDENCE & TEAMWORK: Students build character and self-esteem while working together as a team.

SELF-EXPRESSION: Students cultivate creativity by exploring the performance and cultural aspects of dance.

HEALTHY HABITS: Students develop skills that lead to an active, healthy lifestyle.

INCLUSIVITY: Special needs students able to fully participate with grade-level peers (reinforce the concept of caring and consideration for others). CLICK HERE for more information about our experience and approach to INCLUSIVITY.

PARENT ENGAGEMENT: Parent involvement increases via preparations for exciting final performances, which in turn build overall school spirit and pride.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Invite local press, parents, colleagues, building and district administrators to attend a culminating demonstration/performance/competition.

Dance is an exciting way for your students to develop important social skills that lead to success both in the classroom and throughout their lives.

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