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The Dancing with Class™ Core Program introduces students to various forms of ballroom/partner dance and typically culminates in an exciting regional Dance-Off with other participating schools. The program follows a sequential curriculum that fuses dance, cultural learning and character education into one seamless package. The Dance-Off experience, in particular, is transformative, motivating and inspiring.

In its standard format, this program runs for 10 weeks and includes five dance styles. For CPS schools, we offer a Fall, Winter and Spring session with culminating events open to grades 4-6. For other schools and organizations, we customize the program to suit your specific needs. The curriculum can be adapted to any grade level, including high school.


For schools interested in connecting our Core Program to other subject areas, we offer two options:

1. STEM: Students apply scientific process to the study of dance, forming a line of inquiry for each dance style and recording process and results in a Science of Dance journal.

2. Language Arts: Students explore dance as a way to tell stories and consider story elements, voice and structure as they prepare to perform.

For both options, students complete both formative and summative assessments. Contact us for more information about our approach to arts integration!

Dancing_w_Class DwC cant wait to get dancing with our ASM teens this summer! with Denita Inez and Joselyn Byz! https://t.co/cJUgbmjxqM
Dancing_w_Class Congrats to the class of 2017! https://t.co/nPlGI2zlCs
Dancing_w_Class Some thoughts from our Fall 2017 Dancers! https://t.co/rhUQwyNUGe
Dancing_w_Class # I Dance To Achieve! Thoughts from some of our fabulous Teaching Artists. https://t.co/yGTWfrfhXo
Dancing_w_Class Bravo! 5th graders from Catalyst Circle Rock performed to live music played by their peers in the school's... https://t.co/qhWewNK9k6