Connection: A Dance Poem Compiled from Student Reflections

Learning to dance with peers at school is an incredible journey in social development all by itself. When the goal is to eventually perform to live music played by your peers in the school orchestra, the experience rises to a whole other level. Students at Catalyst Circle Rock Charter School spent a semester preparing to perform at a concert while their peers in the Ravinia Reach-Teach-Play program accompanied them with live music. The result: poetry in motion!

The poem below is compiled from student-written reflections of this experience.


Music and dance can thrive

Independently or work harmoniously.

Regardless, we humans

Need both.

Music is adaptable and versatile.

It can be smooth or it can be dramatic.

Music has a rhythm that can

affect how we dance.

Dancing is grooving and

music is what we groove to.

Music doesn’t judge us.   Music doesn’t laugh in our faces

if we mess up.

Instead, it complements us.  It can complement

our movements, and everything we do.

Music and dance help people work together.

They inspire people to be

patient with one another, care for one another.

Music and dance create peacemakers

and joymakers.

They unite us.

Can you feel the music?

Because, we can.


See the Performance


The Reflection Questions

Reflection questions before the performance:

  1. What do you think will happen when the orchestra musicians and dancers perform together?
  2. What do music and dance have in common?
  3. What is different about music and dancing?

Reflection questions after the performance:

  1. What was the best part about working with the other dancers?
  2. What helped you all work together?
  3. How was dancing with live music different from dancing with recorded music?
  4. What was the best part?

Recurring themes in answers:

  1. Dancing to live music can be an intimidating idea.  There were plenty of students who shared their concerns (the orchestra will mess up and then they will mess up, to the live music will be noisy).
  2. But after trying this new experience the group came to an agreement:  they preferred dancing to live music!
  3. Lastly, students recognized that different types of music (by genre or delivery) can affect how a person dances.

Learning to be Peacemakers

By participating in Dancing with Class, students are not just learning about the elements of music, the benefits of listening to live music in the age of technology, or even how to dance.  Students are learning how to be “Peacemakers.”  Many students noted that performing with other dancers and with students in the orchestra helped them learn how to work together, and it was actually fun.


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