Catalyst Circle Rock Ballroom Dancers: Camya and Corey

Dancing with Class decided to follow one of our amazing partners, Catalyst Circle Rock, for the 2017/18 school year.  Catalyst is a huge supporter of social dance and we wanted to highlight the star dancers in their DwC program.  First up we celebrate Camya and Corey!


Camya – 6th Grade Dancer 

  1. One thing I like about dance is that no one can judge you on it because everyone is still learning how to be better.
  2. Something new I learned about one of my fellow dancers is that if I get a step wrong, he will help and guide me to get it right and do better.
  3. Something I learned about myself is that I love dancing with people. Before I started dance I did not like being close to people, but dance helped me learn to adjust to that.
  4. My favorite memory of dance was when we performed at Dominican University with our school’s orchestra. The orchestra played a song on their instruments, and we danced to the music.


Corey- 6th Grade Dancer

  1. Something that I like about dance is that I get taught different dances that I get to compete at to win trophies.
  2. Something new that I learned about one of my classmates was that she wanted first place. She was serious and had a lot of different amazing hip movements. She was dedicated to being her best.
  3. Things that I’ve learned about myself in dance class is that I have a Win-Win attitude and my behavior has improved ALOT! I have a good posture when I dance and different hip and arm movement and that I’m dedicated to my team.
  4. One of my favorite memories from dance is when we performed at Dominican University. We listened, we showed up and we showed out!


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