DwC Teaching Artist Spotlight: Miss Itza Riedas

DwC Teaching Artist: Miss ItzaWe are excited to announce our Summer DwC Teaching Artist Spotlight: Miss Itza Riedas!   Miss Itza has been bringing a great amount of joy and energy to her students at Dawes Elementary, as well as many other schools, for over 4 years.  See below for her perspective on her residency at Dawes!

I have been working with Dawes for 4 years and it has been a fun journey in which I learned many things as a dance instructor.

I have realized how dance class is so special to each student and how dancing can bring a group of students together.

It is amazing to see all the smiles on my students faces and how they interact with the rest of the group.

One of the things I have seen improved in my students is how their happiness and respect for each other had grown.

Here is a few examples of what my students say after dance class:

  • In a dance class I feel free and happy because everyone is like family and I never feel uncomfortable.”
  • “When I found out I was going to have to take dance class, I thought it would be a horrible class now Im super happy!”
  • “I like dancing because i can express myself . Dance is my passion and I like to be myself!”

Check out the students as they perform at their graduation!

VIDEO: Dawes 8th Grade Graduation Dance

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