DwC Teaching Artist Spotlight: Chris Van Houten

Our November DwC Teaching Artist Spotlight is……Chris Van Houten!

We asked him why he teaches social dance in public schools:

“I am so proud to be a part of Dancing With Class! I strive to make dance class a bright spot in my students’ day, and I’ve seen our program spur positive transformations in students. I’ve seen quiet and unconfident children grow into proud partners working together as a team. I’ve seen kids who were constantly acting out, to reaffirm their beliefs that they didn’t belong, blossom into classroom leaders.

Being a kid is hard– whether a student is dealing with a developmental challenge, a broken home, a traumatized or neglected neighborhood, gang violence, racism, sexism, or any of the myriad growing pains of adolescence. Through Dancing With Class I aim to give my students permission and reason to celebrate their spirit, their body, and their community. Dancing for joy isn’t just a pastime, it can literally change and save lives.”

-Chris Van Houten


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