Find out what being a DwC All-Star means to a CPS student!

Hello my name is Eli, (pictured with her is fellow All-Star Elliot) and this is my second year in the Dancing with Class All-Stars program.  Being an All-Star really changed my summer because before my summers were boring.   If we didn’t go out with the family, I didn’t go out at all.   Dancing with Class All-Stars really gave me the opportunity to get out and express myself.  One thing that surprised me by dancing was how calm it made me feel.   If I had things on my mind, dancing helped get them off.  I’m really thankful that they (Dancing with Class) keep giving me the opportunity to express and show myself by dancing. Before I danced, if I was bored I would put on the TV, now when I’m bored, I dance! – Eli


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