Fourth Graders Reflect on Dance in School

In this post, we introduce you to a group of 4th graders at Chicago’s Gunsaulus Scholastic Academy who took the Dancing with Class core program journey, spending 10 weeks learning different styles of partner dance and then traveling to a Dance-Off event for a friendly competition with other schools. The program is designed to support Social Emotional Learning (SEL) goals and students build confidence, teamwork and problem solving skills along the way.

Take a peek inside the school auditorium while they practice:

We had some time to catch up with these students in the Gunsaulus auditorium  a couple weeks after the big event. They shared their insights about dancing in school and what inspires them to dance. They also shared their favorite dance style and, among these four, there was a grand consensus: SWING! 

It’s not surprising, then, that their team won the “Superstar Award” for Swing dance at the big competition. We loved the energy and positive attitude these students showed. They supported one another and also showed great courtesy and sportsmanship to other school teams at the event. It was Gunsaulus Academy’s first time participating in the event and the students definitely represented their school very well.

Below, you can meet four students and see their video interviews.¬† It’s great to hear how much influence their families have in their motivation to dance. We hope these fourth graders keep dancing both in school and at home. They have shown growth in their confidence and social skills and are now setting an example for other students at their school.

Check out these interviews with our featured fourth grade dancers:





Thank you to Adrian, Azul, Efren and Shaniyah for volunteering to be interviewed and sharing your thoughts with us. We hope to see these four dancing again soon!

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