Jewel Makes Her Choreographic Debut

Jewel and Stan
Jewel and Stan strike a pose

Jewel Baker is a high school sophomore who we first met when she was a fifth grader at Poe Classical School. She represented Poe at one of our city-wide Dance-Off events and was nominated to join our scholarship program, the DwC All-Stars. Since then, she has been one of our most reliable and dedicated dancers, and now she is achieving new goals as a high school choreographer.

We were very excited when Jewel invited us to Lindblom Math and Science Academy’s spring dance concert to see her choreographic debut. And we were even more excited to find out that the dance genre she chose was Merengue! Her piece was so good it was selected to open the dance concert, which included an impressive body of student work from start to finish.

Check Out Jewel’s Choreography

After you watch, be sure to scroll down and read our Q & A with Jewel as well. This is a student artist who is going places!


Q & A: Learn More About High School Choreographer Jewel Baker

When and where did you start your dance training?

I began dancing when I was 5 years old at Dance Gallery. I was there to take Ballet. Throughout the years, I’ve taken Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, and one of my favorites, Ballroom.

What has being part of Dancing with Class All-Stars meant to you or how has it influenced you?

Dancing with Class All-Stars has helped me become less shy around people and given me a chance to interact with other teenagers around the city of Chicago. It’s also taught me more about Ballroom and the many styles that are a part of Ballroom.

What role is dance playing in your life right now?

Dance is one of the main things in my life because I am on Dance Team at my school, so my time is dedicated to that.

What is your favorite style of dance and why?
My favorite styles of dance would be Hip Hop and Salsa. I’ve gotten so comfortable with both of them that I would be able to perform these styles anywhere.

What is your dream career?
My dream career is to become a Movie Director. I’ve had this passion since I was 9 years old.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know about?
One interesting thing about me is that I did Tae Kwon Do and got 1st place at Nationals in Atlanta, GA. Most people would see me and think I’m very kind, but then be surprised at how well I know how to defend myself.

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