Our Second Year Together

I’ve been lucky enough to be back with a YMCA program for the 2nd year after working with new students in 2014.  Last year, the kids did a wonderful job.  They were completely new to partner dancing.  Some were young, so they were not quite secure with dancing with a partner of the opposite gender and just not quite convinced this was an adventure they wanted to take with me.

This year, half of my class is new and the other half competed last year.  The changes are amazing.  The 2nd year dancers are committed, attentive, and understand the benefits to putting in hard work for 10 weeks and having a great time at the dance off.  That excitement had definitely translated to the new dancers.  They are working even harder to “catch up” to the 2nd year dancers and the results are wonderful.  There is no more convincing the students to commit to ballroom hold.  No more keeping them interested as they eye the board games they were playing before I arrived.  They are mine for one hour and ready to be molded into amazing ladies and gentlemen.    So far, half way in, the results are incredible.  I’m so excited to see where they take these dances in March!

— Contributed by Stephanie Schoenherr

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