DwC All-Stars

A major initiative of Dancing with Class Outreach is the All-Stars dance scholarship and performance team. Chicago Public School students entering grades 5-8 are selected for participation based on talent, merit and need. Most DwC All-Stars have been participants in the DwC Core Program, which serves 60+ CPS elementary schools each year. As a whole, Dancing with Class has introduced social dance to more than 50,000 Chicago youth since 2006. More than 200 students have gone on to participate as Dancing with Class All-Stars since 2012.
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The DwC All-Stars would like to thank the following:

Chicago Park District
CPS Office of Student Health & Wellness
Playworks Chicago
Common Threads
Cook County Hospital System
DeSueno Dance
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Wolves
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Gogo Squeeze
William Hallack (producer)
Herb Roman (director)
Susan Grupp (director)
Carol Cronin (patron)
John Russell (patron)
L M Pouncey (patron)
Margaret Moore (patron)
Angelique Miser (patron)
Julia Gregory (patron)
Herbert Farrish (patron)
Judith Hearn (patron)
Robert L. and Valerie H. Van Houten (patron)
Kathleen Ross- Momcorn (patron)
Laurie Wood (patron)
Beverly Solazzo (dancer)
Pamela Myszkowski (dancer)
Salvatore Marchetti (dancer)
Luigi Demaio (dancer)
Lai Kwok (dancer)
Cheryl Pioli (dancer)
Naoko Jennings (dancer)
Karen MacDonald (dancer)
Naomi & Raymond Gregory (dancer)
Greg Shea (dancer)

In addition, a huge THANK YOU  to our many “audition” and “friend” level contributors. The All-Stars are very grateful for your support!


How You Can Help

Join our Leadership Team


DwC is currently looking for volunteers to join the following outreach committees:

Marketing & Communications – this committee builds awareness about the DwC All-Stars program and events.

Fundraising – this committee plans the DwC All-Stars annual fundraising campaign and other fundraising efforts throughout the year.

All committees would welcome new volunteers to support the program and help DwC All-Stars make an even greater impact on young lives. To volunteer, please send an email expressing your interest to dwcallstars@gmail.com.

Make an Investment


Ongoing fundraising is required to ensure the continuation of the program and help the All-Stars achieve their goals.

Add your support and help keep these students reaching for the stars!


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