Core Program: Building Relationships Through Dance

With an emphasis on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), our core program focuses on community building through social dance forms, including Latin, ballroom, hip-hop & line dance, Chicago steppin’ and more. In each session, students explore new genres of dance and become comfortable working and interacting with peers to perform those dances. Explicit SEL themes will be layered into each lesson with an emphasis on social awareness and relationship skills.


Culminating Activity Options: All programs include facilitation of a performance or showcase at the end of each session. This can be offered either as grade-level classroom exchanges (informal show-and-tell), an assembly, or a parent-engagement activity. For some programs, the opportunity to participate with other schools in one of our signature Dance-Off events is also available.

Virtual program delivery options are provided in the event of remote learning, and current health, safety and physical distance guidelines are adhered to at all times. 


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Arts Integration


For schools interested in connecting our Core Program to other subject areas, we offer several options:

Each lesson is carefully aligned to the 5 Social Emotional Learning competencies as outlined by CASEL.
Language Arts
Aligned to Common Core, students consider story elements, voice and structure as they prepare to perform.
Students apply scientific process, forming a line of inquiry for each dance style and recording process and results in a Science of Dance journal.

With these options, students complete formative and summative assessments.

Contact us for more information about our approach to arts integration!


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