SEL Movement Game: Mirrors

In addition to offering programs that help students build Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills through dance, Dancing with Class has developed a series of movement games that any educator can use to reinforce SEL skills in a fun and active way.  “Mirrors” is a social-awareness game that helps students develop empathy.


SEL Competency:   Social Awareness > Empathy & Perspective-Taking

Objective:   To be expressive using movement, and to learn to experience and appreciate different perspectives by mimicking partners’ movements

Space:  Open floor space, or push desks or tables to the edge of the room if necessary

Equipment:  Age appropriate music and music speaker

Preparation:  Select different genres of music

Follow the guidelines from the video.  

Dance Game: Mirrors


  1. Students sit on the floor facing one direction.
  2. Explain what happens when looking into a mirror.  Choose a volunteer(s) to exemplify steps.
  3. Silently do movements and the volunteer mirrors, and switch roles so that the volunteer is now the “human” that leads movements.
  4. Class stands and partner up.  Come up with two names and assign teams.
  5. Switch roles throughout the game according to the music.


  1. Remind students what unsafe movement are.
  2. To extend this game, isolate different body parts (head, arms, shoulders, etc), use levels (move up high, move down low, etc.), and use different speeds (go in slow motion versus fast).
  3. To extend this game, the class can reflect on the activity afterwards.  Who enjoyed being the human versus the mirror?  Did anyone enjoy both roles equally?  Who learned something about their partner from the way they move?

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