SEL Movement Game: Super Dance Powers

In addition to offering programs that help students build Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills through dance, Dancing with Class has developed a series of movement games that any educator can use to reinforce SEL skills in a fun and active way.  “Super Dance Powers” is a responsible decision making game that helps students build their problem solving skills.

Super Dance Powers

SEL Competency:  Responsible Decision-Making > Solving Problems & Ethical Responsibility

Objective:  To get students moving and thinking about ways they can improve the world

Space:  Open floor space

Equipment:  Age appropriate music, music speaker

Preparation:  Select age appropriate music, create a short choreographed routine with music

Follow the guidelines from the video.  

Dance Game: Super Dance Powers


  1. Practice and routine from video or make your own.  Show the routine without “superpowers”.
  2. Have a discussion on superheroes and students’ superpowers.  Students choose a super power and a pose that reflects this.
  3. Dance routine with the superhero pose.


  1. To extend this activity, students can guess the super power instead of sharing it with the group.  
  2. To extend this activity, they can further create a story with movement.   How can they specifically improve the world with their super powers?

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