Virtual Dance Lessons, Workshops & Parties for Schools

Bring JOY & CONNECTION to Students with an Online Dance Workshop & Celebration


In this time of social distancing, finding ways to create community through shared experiences of joy and celebration is more important than ever.

Our team of professional teaching artists offer a variety of programs — ranging from 1-time workshops, to pre-recorded or live ongoing lessons, to engaging dance parties — that provide students a chance to interact with each other as they experience the joy of dance. Here are comments from a few teachers who have hosted virtual sessions for their students:

  • “The workshop was perfect. My students and I absolutely loved it. They were smiling the whole time and wanted to know when Ms. Lindsay (DwC Teaching Artist) would be back so they can dance again. Thank you for a great experience! I loved the check-in in the beginning and it was a great idea to have 3 short dances from different genres.”  – 4th Grade Teacher, Burbank Elementary (live virtual workshop)
  • “DwC’s Teaching Artist led a fantastic 40 minute session! I was extremely impressed. We had over 60 kids join in on the activity. They were engaged, smiling, having fun, and asked some insightful questions. There was great attendance from each of the four 3rd grade classes as well. Thanks for the enrichment for all of our students and for all the hard work put in by the instructors!” – PE Teacher, McKenzie Elementary (live virtual workshop)
  • “Thank you so much!  I share your video every Monday morning as part of our journal work.  They watch the video and I hope that they take part in the dance, but they also have to answer questions that go along with your social-emotional message of the week.  This is a magnificent program.” – 5th Grade Teacher, Barry Elementary (pre-recorded, customized video lessons)

Whether it’s a series of lessons or a one-time event, our caring and energetic professional Teaching Artist facilitate our virtual sessions with a combination of instruction and movement designed to build a sense of community among your students.

Sample Video


Here’s How It Works

To schedule a Virtual Dance Experience for your students:
  1. A staff member at your school CONTACTS US to discuss options and schedule the program (choose “virtual dance lessons” under Program Interests on the form).
  2. Once the program is booked, your hosting teacher sets up a virtual meeting on your’s school’s preferred video-conferencing platform (Google Meet, Zoom, etc).
  3. Your hosting teacher invites students to attend the session(s) and invites them to vote on what dances they want to learn (example of choices include: Latin, Hip-Hop, Disco, Swing/Charleston & more).
  4. Your staff connects with our Teaching Artist a few days before the program to do a “tech check” and go over the plan.
On the Day of the Session(s):

1. Your hosting teacher starts the live meeting and our Teaching Artist joins as a visiting guest artist

2. Our Teaching Artist will greet students and lead them in the following activities:
  • Icebreaker to welcome students to the event
  • Instruction for 1-3 different dances, spanning a range of dance/music genres. Instructor will break down steps, answer questions, and then lead the class through a group “performance” of the routine
  • Cool down and reflection in which students are encouraged to set an intention to take something positive with them from the experience

Get Started

Send us an inquiry to get started (select “Virtual Dance Lessons” under Program Interests when you complete the form). A member of our team will follow up to discuss pricing, scheduling and other details.


Dancing with Class offers customizable programs including its very popular “Dance Around the World” curriculum, to schools through a combination of direct services and online content. Click here to request information.

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